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Hello and welcome to my blog
I pour my heart and thoughts here
Pardon my words-CASPER

A True Love Story

⊰Sweet Dreams⊱
Love does not aks you to discard your pride, it's about protecting a person, don't do this in the future, don't believe people so easily, don't fall in love so easily. Please, become Stronger ♥

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Only an act of true love
can thaw a frozen heart
"Casper No Bad Thoughts"

Bestfriends never let you do
stupid things, ALONE!
"Girlfriends For Forever"



Hey long time no see ya? Busy menternak lemak plus menyemakkan diri dengan korea, pardon

So, wassup bro? Watcha doin'? I am very very busy become a good-very-good sister. Taking care of my youngest brotha' & the one that injured himself so that's why lah Ain Basirah tak boleh kerja. Oh the transportation also became one of my problems or one of why Ain Basirah tak boleh kerja. Hashtag-kan. 

Ouch, the result is coming out soon. Only five days more. Please, do believe me. I'm getting crazier than before. My heartbeat increase immediately like dup-dap-dup-dap it become faster omagaz i'm gonna die lewls. But seriously, siapa tak cuak kan? Unless, he/she is one of those excellent students, the one that has apa tu orang cakap, "kurniaan Allah" yang bila dia tak study pun result macam study pagi-petang-siang-malam non-stop. Dude, you should be so grateful if you are one of them. Like, PLEASE BE PROUD OF YOURSELF AND SAY ALHAMDULILLAH. Kalau boleh sujud syukur sekali because everyone actually want to be like you including me yes.  Ok tazkirah pendek. 

Shark tu ibarat result and the cute lil nemo dgn the blue one, tu aku. Comel kan aku? Scary gila kan Shark tu? Kesian Nemo, nak kena telan dengan result.

So, people, please pray for our triumph. 1997's &AvantGarde24, gfs too.

Fearless rn. Taktahu rasa apa yang pasti cuak dia tahap cimpanzi malah lebih tinggi daripada kwang-soo and rasa macam YaAllahnaklarisebabtakutsangatni yeah. Lepas ambil result, taknak keluar rumah. Dah. 

Hihi. Bai muah