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Hello and welcome to my blog
I pour my heart and thoughts here
Pardon my words-CASPER

A True Love Story

⊰Sweet Dreams⊱
Love does not aks you to discard your pride, it's about protecting a person, don't do this in the future, don't believe people so easily, don't fall in love so easily. Please, become Stronger ♥

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Only an act of true love
can thaw a frozen heart
"Casper No Bad Thoughts"

Bestfriends never let you do
stupid things, ALONE!
"Girlfriends For Forever"

The Thing.

M U C U K.

And taktahu kenape panggil macamtuu btw comel gilaaaaaa tak? HAHA Nvm bagi Ain comel lah sangaaaaat :DD Alhamdulillah tadi jalan Kuantan singgah The Store dapat lah benda alah ni peluk sampai balik tklepas HAHA. Me is childish. Mampus aku lah (Y)